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Not All Bloggers Stay At Home

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As the more I get to know people and work with the book blog community, I find that there is a stereo-type or an assumption. People assume that you are a stay at home mom or a student. Well guess what, I have a day job. I go to work at the early hours of the morning and come home at night to take care of my home. I understand that as a blogger (a book blogger, specifically), we are agreeing to deadlines for reviews and posts because we want to help promote the author. Here is the thing, I […]

You Don’t Want My Shoes

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You know when people say that you should walk a mile in their shoes so you would understand how they feel or what it is like to be them? You don’t want my shoes. 2017 has been a rough year for me. I lost my a job without there being any reason for me losing my job. I struggled to find a new position and felt defeated with every interview and job decline. When I was finally offered a job, I had to take a paycut. Which kind of sucked but I made it work. In the end I got […]

A Letter About Giving Tuesday and Stub Tail Candle Co.

A Letter About Giving Tuesday and Stub Tail Candle Co.
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Hi Everyone, I am the owner of Stub Tail Candle Co. in Portland, OR. We are a small candle company that creates candles inspired by books and fandoms. One of the things that make us unique is we donate a portion of our sales to Animal Rescues. For this giving Tuesday, I wanted to share why we’ve decided to donate a portion of our sales. Growing up I didn’t have pets. My mom is allergic so we didn’t have any. I had many friends and relatives that did and I always enjoyed getting to play with them. I especially loved […]


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I was recently tagged by Sara at Novel Novice to participate in the Mystery Blogger Awards, and I couldn’t resist participating due to be nominated by Sara. Here’s how it works: Once you’re tagged, add the award image to your blog List these rules Thank whoever nominated you & link to their blog Also mention & link to the creator of the award/tag (that would be Okoto Enigma) Tell your readers 3 things about yourself Nominate 10-20 other bloggers & notify them by commenting on their blog Ask your nominees any 5 questions; try to include one weird or funny question […]

It is a Snow Day

It is a Snow Day
Posted December 15, 2016 by love2dazzle in Features, Random Thoughts / 2 Comments

Hi my blogging friends. I thought I would write about my experience with the latest snow storm in the Pacific Northwest. Last night I was headed down from Beaverton, OR to go home and ended up being in traffic for 8 hours. It was so terrifying. The roads were covered in so much snow and ice. I love my state but goodness we are not prepared for weather like this. I was terrified trying to get home last night. There were a few times that my car lost traction and my traction light would come on. It was definitely an […]

Sorry to my Readers – Today I need a break

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To My Readers – Thank you for always reading and taking time out of your day to read my posts. I am sorry I let you down the past couple of days. I’ve been trying to write blog posts for three days and I just stare at the page. There is so much going on in my life that I am too upset to write. Hateful things have been said. Hateful things have been done. My heart hurts really bad. I am a sensitive soul and I feel for those that are hurting and I hurt for my own reasons […]

Blogging and Change

Posted October 25, 2016 by love2dazzle in Features, Random Thoughts / 2 Comments

Change: I am changing. I have changed. Change is always going to happen. One just needs to accept change and move forward. I have so many friends who are giving up on blogging and when I think about giving up it up, I just can’t. The frustrations are understandable. See Below: Frustrations: Time Does anyone read reviews anymore? Being the age of video, everyone is on YouTube. I don’t like being on camera. Same Old. Same Old. All Work. No Play. What am I going to do about it? I am not going to let myself be discouraged. Growing my blog is […]

Passion in Portland 2016 – Part I

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My best friend wanted to go to Passion in Portland, so I agreed to go. This is my first romance book convention. I think it is going to be interesting. I am looking forward to hanging with my bestie and all the authors. I focus mainly on young adult books but I’ve been slowly branching out. I am looking forward to this new experience. Passion in Portland is going to be a three day experience. When you are reading this, I will be on day two. I’ll have to let all of you know what I thought after the fact. […]

MIA 7.30.16

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I am so sorry I have been MIA. I have been trying to keep up with everything, but my new job has been taking over my life. I am trying to figure the new schedule out so that this won’t happen again. I am trying to get back to posting pictures on my bookstagram and getting posts on the blog. I am so behind on all of my reading. I just want to catch up. I feel like if I can fix things out in my work life then things will start getting better. I am trying to read as […]

Life Recap

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The new job is great. I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity. I think being a new Social Media Specialist is going to be huge for my career. My boss is amazing already. I really look forward to learning more from her. This job is already giving me a lot more freedom then what I was expecting. Marketing is something I have always wanted to do, so I am glad that I am finally getting my chance. I am a bit behind on my reading. I have my nose to the grind trying to catch up. […]