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The new job is great. I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity. I think being a new Social Media Specialist is going to be huge for my career. My boss is amazing already. I really look forward to learning more from her. This job is already giving me a lot more freedom then what I was expecting. Marketing is something I have always wanted to do, so I am glad that I am finally getting my chance.

I am a bit behind on my reading. I have my nose to the grind trying to catch up. All this job changing has kept me very busy. I am hoping to finish “And I Darken” today or tomorrow. Then it is on to working on the lovely pile that I have. I also need to catch up on my reviews. I was caught up for a while and now I am falling majorly behind again.

My best friend Autumn has joined the blog to cover on Thursdays. I am very excited to have her as a guest poster. This is fantastic! I makes it even better that it is my bestie I think all of you will enjoy her reviews. I know that I do.

I am trying to start crocheting again.  I want to learn how to make the little crochet dolls. I even got a kit but I haven’t had time to work on it, so this is what my focus is now.

That is all I have for now. Today is book club day. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Then I will be off to the Portland Blues Fest. I am looking forward to supporting ZZ Ward. She is an amazing artist and from Southern Oregon. I think today is going to be busy but such a great day.

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