Book Review: The Leveller by Julia Durango

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I received this book for free from HarperCollins International, HarperTeen in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: The Leveller by Julia DurangoThe Leveller by Julia Durango
Series: Leveller #1
Published by HarperCollins on June 23rd 2015
Genres: Action & Adventure, Love & Romance, Science Fiction, Survival Stories, Young Adult
Pages: 256
Format: ARC
Source: HarperCollins International, HarperTeen
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“Nixy Bauer, Home in an Hour”Nixy Bauer is used to her classmates being very, very unhappy to see her. After all, she’s working with the enemy—she’s on their parents’ payrolls.Nixy is a bounty hunter in a virtual-reality gaming world. Kids in the MEEP, as they call it, play entirely with their minds, while their bodies languish in a sleeplike state on the couch. Irritated parents, looking to wrench their kids back to reality, hire Nixy to jump into the game and retrieve them. Luckily for Nixy and her wallet, she’s the best leveller out there.But when the game’s billionaire developer—and Nixy’s parents’ boss—loses track of his own son in the MEEP, Nixy is in for the biggest challenge of her bounty-hunting career. Wyn Salvador isn’t some lazy kid looking to escape his homework, and this is no ordinary levelling job: Wyn does not want to be found. And he’s left behind a suicide note.Nixy takes the job but quickly discovers that Wyn’s not hiding—he’s being held inside the game against his will. But who is holding him captive, and why?Nixy and Wyn attempt to fight their way out of a mind game unlike any they’ve encountered. And the battle brings them closer than either could have imagined. But when the whole world is virtual, how can Nixy possibly know what’s real?

I am going to start this review off by saying “I love this book!” Any person that loves gaming or is interested in virtual reality stories. Read it! Nixy is a great character. She is intelligent and very clever. I really liked Nixy a lot. I thought she had a wonderful personality. There is this Program called the MEEP that has pretty much taken the world by storm. This MEEP is a virtual world that once you turn 16 and your pages sign a waiver, you can get the MEEP piercing which lets you get into the virtual world.

Nixy gets paid by parents to go retrieve their kids when they won’t come home from the MEEP world. Since both of her parents work for the owner and creator of the MEEP world, she has access to cheat codes to help her out. When Nixy is hired to go save the son of the creator of the MEEP world, she finds out that it is going to be much more difficult than she thought.

I really liked “The Leveller” by Julia Durango. I thought Durango did an excellent job writing this story. I was able to fly through the book because it had such a fast and steady pace. I thought the characters were great and the plot was done pretty decent. The biggest issue with this story is that the reader still doesn’t really know what motivates the “villains.” I am hoping in book two this will come more to the light because I am curious to find out what happens. Definitely read this book it is great!


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