Book Review: Prove Me Wrong by Tessa Marie

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I received this book for free from Publisher on NetGallery, the PR company in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Prove Me Wrong by Tessa MarieProve Me Wrong by Tessa Marie
Published by Self Published on February 27, 2015
Genres: Coming of Age, Family, Family & Relationships, Family Life, Friendship, Girls & Women, Lifestyles, Parents, Young Adult
Pages: 235
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher on NetGallery, the PR company
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A single secret changes everything.With no college ambition—or desire to care—Luke Hannon’s ready to bail on school before senior year even begins. But when he spots the hot new girl reading an upside down map, he changes his mind.

Hailey Saldino desperately wants to start fresh at a school where she's free of the snide remarks and hurtful stares. A place where no one knows her past…or her son, Brady.

Luke wants a no strings attached, physical relationship, until Hailey becomes more than a cute girl in a skirt. Usually his bad boy reputation hooks the ladies but it won't be enough to land a girl like Hailey. Needing a lasting approach, Luke decides to be honest. No lies. No BS. As the connection between them deepens, Luke shares all his shameful secrets.

Afraid to lose one of the few people who’s ever looked at her as something other than a slut, Hailey buries herself in compounding lies. And when Hailey's purposeful deceit blindsides Luke, he must decide if he'll walk away, or accept Hailey and the little man she already loves.

“Prove Me Wrong” by Tessa Marie is a very sweet  novel about a young single mom trying to juggle her new life as a mother and being a student in high school. When Hailey moves to a new town, she has to start all over at a new school. When hailey’s mom advises her not to tell anyone that she has a child. Hailey follows her mom’s advise and tells people that she has a little brother rather than a son. Hailey then starts to fall for Luke. Luke is a reformed bad boy. When Luke meets Hailey he changes who he is to try to be worthy of her.

I had a hard time trying to connect to the characters. I still feel like they are a little dull and not very entertaining. How to two people fall in love so quickly? These two were already in love before they even met. I liked the idea of the story but I just couldn’t get into it at all. I feel like there wasn’t enough story there.

Honestly I was really disappointed in the mom in this book. I can’t believe that she was discouraging her daughter from being honest about her child. I think that was the part of the story that made me most disappointed. I understand that the mom wanted to protect her daughter but lying about her child isn’t going to really help her in life. I don’t think this story represents all good morals. I just don’t think the writing was completely amazing, it was just so-so.



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